EGM on 10/7/2011 Time : 9am

Dear Fellow Owners,

The ” The JMC Council ” was elected to look after all the owners interest in order that we can live peacefully.

But now,the JMC Council members choose to make life miserable for us.The Security failed to enforce actions on visitors who parked illegally and they use it as an excuse to make visitors park their cars outside the rear gate.

Can you imagine your extended families of elderly folks like parents,grand parents and little children doing that due to the inefficientcy and irresponsibility of the Securiy force and the JMC members ???

They claim it is a request by many residents. Have they called for a meeting with all the concerned owners and taken a vote to say it ?

The answer is a big NO !!!

We are lucky that the COB ( Commissioner of building ) has appointed a responsible owner to call for an EGM, (since the JMC refused to call for an EGM) to elect a new team of responsible JMC members on 10th July 2011 at 10.00 am at our very own Club House.Registed letters have been mailed to all owners to inform you on the procedures.

Please participate in exercising your right to vote for your chosen candidate to sit in the JMC Council to look after your interest.

It is the owners who have to decide what action is to be taken against owners who fail to pay the management fee and the owners must be given a platform to give their suggestion and not for (5) out of the elected (12) JMC members to make such a big decision on behalf of the owners.

Please remember : You are responsible for choosing the right candidate to represent you in making your home and your families life peaceful.

The Voice of Venice Hill Owners


Comments on: "Venice Hill JMB EGM on 10/7/2011" (2)

  1. Anotherconcernedowner said:

    Thanks to the more than 200 owners who turned up at the impromptu meeting earlier this evening…your concerns expressed are common concerns to us all…do the right thing and vote for change at the egm…it worked for Obama …united we stand, divided we fall…if we spit together we can drown the bastards….(the incas said about the Spanish conquistadors)…viva la revolucion!

  2. Shantaram said:

    New to Venice hill? Read on ..

    The Saga of Venice Hill – Year 2011

    Author: Shantaram Manofpeace.
    (May the Lord have peace with you)
    The author has been living in Venice hills for the last 12 years now, and has been a frequent traveller but prefers to come and adopt Venice hill, a place he call home. The contents are solely expressed by the author only and facts presented are collected from various resources. The author is not responsible for any inaccuracies and errors as printed.

    Venice hill condominium and golf resort is located strategically on a piece of prime land over the hill top next to the pristine Ulu Langat forest reserves south of Kuala Lumpur city.

    Presently, there are numerous prestigious housing developments undertaken by well established developers and are fast encroaching the foothills of Venice hill condo.

    While prices of landed and stratified properties around Venice hill condo are on an upward scale, ironically prices of Venice hill properties are on the downward scale!

    What went wrong?

    First, we have the developer Venice hill resort living sdn bhd facing financial crisis, then abandoned the project without completing the project as per approved master plan, buildings like the club house proper, Tower 10 and 11 to name a few. To make matters worse, the amounts owing to utilities companies were passed down to the owners unwittingly and owners then faced the brunt of a 10 days blackout circa June/July 1999.

    Second, a group of owners then initiated a resident association in partnership with the developer to jointly manage the properties under the name of Marvelous Location Sdn Bhd. On a 50:50 equity basis. This partnership lasted for about 1.5 years. VHMC Sdn Bhd was then formed by a group under the umbrella of VHCROA (Association). VHMC Sdn Bhd managed the affairs of Venice hill until July 2010 when an AGM was called and which then a Joint management Body (JMB) was formed under “Akta Bangunan Dan Harta Bersama (Penyelengaraan Dan Pengurusan) 2007 (Akta 663) to manage Towers 1 to 9.

    The Saga of Venice Hill – Year 2011

    Notes: JMB means the “Body”, means “All the owners of Venice hill”
    JMC means the “Joint Management Council” consisting of a maximum of twelve (12) members elected by the JMB or BODY or Owners in an EGM/AGM and one (1) member representing the Developer.

    What went wrong with the current JMB?

    The current JMB is now in the 10th month of operations, and there have been many expectations from the owners about improvements and promises of what can be done and how to improve and uplift the status of Venice hill condos etc.,
    The JMC knew from day one that the promises made is not an easy one, that it is an uphill task with expectations of non-cooperation from many parties, poor cash flows, failures, good and bad decisions to come along. It was task that requires not only full commitment to achieve the common objectives and goals, but also sacrifices of personal time, endurance, right or proper management techniques, and most of all INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY. Do the right approach and compliance with the relevant authorities and practice all within the provisions under the ACT 663; you will be on right track; it is most regrettable that the current JMC chooses the easy way out. The JMC now must face the consequences of their actions and there are many questions left for them to answer in this forthcoming EGM to be held on the 10th July 2011. Read on.

    The Saga of Venice Hill – Year 2011

    Here are some disturbing issues that perhaps most of the owners are not aware of and will be the subject of debate;

    A. Decisions made by the JMC without obtaining consensus from the JMB or Body or the Owners as described under the provisions of ACT 663;

    1. Suspensions of four (4) elected members. (Note: Under ACT 663, suspension or removal of members can only be affected by an EGM/AGM). The JMC have marginalised some members and have continued to conduct meetings and make executive decisions in their absence.
    2. Implementations of House Rules. (Note: House rules can only be adopted in an EGM/AGM)
    3. Ignoring/non-compliance to State and Local authorities pertaining to all affairs of Venice hill. (Note: Meaning all Owners are deemed to be party to it)
    4. Instituting legal action against the Commissioner of Building [COB] and the four (4) suspended members using JMB as plaintiff (Note: Meaning all the Owners of Venice hill are taking legal action against the authorities and our fellow owners!)

    The Saga of Venice Hill – Year 2011

    B. What are the reasons behind the current JMC’s refusal to meet Owners openly in an EGM? What are they so afraid of?

    Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKj), have sent instructions in writing on two occasions (dated 11th February 2011 and 12th April 2011) instructing the JMC to conduct an EGM to discuss water cut issues but the JMC choose not to response and totally disregarded the instructions. Then on 21th April 2011, MPKj sent in another letter instructing JMC to conduct an EGM to discuss the issue of water cut by Syabas and again the JMC choose not to response. Why is such an important issue not discussed and highlighted to all owners?

    MPKj issued another directive vide letter dated 4th May 2011 [ref(35) dlm.MPKjCOB/C/207/2009 Jld.5] invoking Section 10 ACT 663; instructing Venice hill JMC to conduct EGM and this time the agenda will be a vote of no confidence of the present JMC. Again, the JMC choose not to response. As such, MPKj has no choice but to appoint an owner to conduct the EGM and that date has been fixed as 10th July 2011.

    For reasons best know to the present “executive JMC members”, if the present JMC feels that they are doing the right thing, stand up to the challenge and debate on the right platform, and the right platform would be to conduct an EGM!
    If the present JMC feels that they are unable to continue to serve due to lack of expertise, funds, cooperation from owners etc., then tell the owners, at an EGM!

    The Saga of Venice Hill – Year 2011

    C. Can the committee members of the current JMC explain the following?

    1. The lackadaisical attitudes of the staff manning the maintenance office?
    2. The lack of implementations of security at the main entry? The number of guards has dwindled, why?
    3. The absence of security at the rear gate entry where it is now free for all to come in and out?
    4. Lack of vetting of prospective tenants, especially foreigners.
    5. An increased in immoral activities, allowing uninvited guests free access into our premises, condoning public alcohol consumption within the vicinities of our homes, public urinating, sexual assaults to our ladies being reported lately, frequent disturbances with loud noises at night, unchecked movement of cars speeding down the roads causing numerous accidents and damages to our properties etc., to name a few.
    6. Absence of security at swimming pools and no control/monitoring of misconducts by certain foreigners like just wearing underwear’s instead of proper swimming attire. Our wives and children are being subjected to undue duress.
    7. What progress of payments has been made to the utilities companies? The amount still owing is on an upward trend, to a tune of more than Rm 1.3 million as per June 2011 statements! Why?
    8. JMC is currently embarking on massive re-painting works, tiling of lift lobbies, construction guard house outside the property boundary of Venice hill, installations of magnetic doors, cctvs etc., Are you the JMC trying to mislead the owners that your current account status is pretty good that you have surplus monies to throw and that the monies owing to the utilities companies can wait?
    9. What happens to the slope developments next door? No reports have been received so far?

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