EGM on 10/7/2011 Time : 9am

EGM for Venice Hill

by Eddie Ng – a businessman cum Local Councillor at Majlis Perbandaran Kajang and DAP Cheras Liaison Committee Vice Chairman since 2008.

Monday, July 4, 2011
EGM for Venice Hill

The Comissioner Of Buildiing (COB) has, on the 13th June 2011 appointed an owner Mr R.Ragunanthanan A/L E. Ramuloo to call for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) for the re-election of Joint Management Committee for Venice Hill Condominiums (JMC) under the Building And Common Property (Maintenance And Management) Act 2007 ( Act 663 ). COB has before this received various complaints from residents on the suspected abuse of powers by JMC but JMC has failed to response to the complaints and has ignored COB’s instructions on the complaints.

While the EGM are scheduled to be held on 10th July 2011, accuses on me, saying that I have been siding and instigating the residents on this issue and the COB has made a wrong decision to call for the EGM and appointed Mr Ragunanthanan to call for the EGM. I have been serving the community in the capacity of Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKj) Councilor for two years. Has the JMC forgotten that I was involved to help them to form the Joint Management Body (JMB) on the year 2009 till 2010 when the liquidator of the property refuses to do so? The issue went to the COB before going to the State authority and lastly, the court.

I am not trying to claim any credits but the fact is I am merely doing my part accordingly to the facts and proof showed to me by anyone without prejudice. It is a fact that JMC has ignored COB’s instruction that no water cutting can be done before the House Rules being approved by the JMB as stated on Section 14 (2) of the Act 663. Besides, complaints on the towing of residents’ vehicles from their respective car parks (which they owned), claiming that they have the consent from MPKj to do so through their website has also created another round of havoc. It was confirmed that there is no greenlight from MPKj to do so as it is a private property which the local authority has no rights on it.

The unlawful suspension on four JMC members is another reason the COB instructed for the EGM. As elected representatives of the JMB, nobody have the power to suspend or sack them nevertheless without show-causes. The JMC summoned COB for instructing the JMC to reinstate the four. This is ridiculous! Did the JMC get the consent from the JMB to take legal action on this?

The JMC has informed that they are unhappy that I called a press conference together with Mr Ragunanthanan and his gangs regarding the EGM issue. As far as I am concern, my stand is very clear that I am helping according to the facts and furthermore, the press conference is merely an announcement from my side on the EGM and I urge the owners to attend it hoping to have a fair election. As it is called following a written instruction by the COB, the EGM is legal and will go on unless the State authority issues a stop notice before or on the 10th July 2011 as stated in the Act 663 Section 41 that the JMC have the rights to appeal on the decision made by COB within 14 days they was informed of the decision and the decision by state authority is final.

As for another accusation on the COB for doing nothing when the previous management company, Venice Hill Management Corporation Sdn Bhd (VHMCSB) did not hand over the documents and accounts of the property to the JMB, I can only apologies on it. VHMCSB is a private limited company and they are not liable for not handing over the relevant stuffs under the Act 663. That is not my personal view but it was proved by Kuala Lumpur High Court when the judge confirmed it.

Anyhow, I hopes that the JMC members will also attend the EGM and stand in for election as well. There is no guarantee that who will win the election. Every owners have their rights to stand for any post and I strongly feels that for the JMC to win the election will prove that what they have done for Venice Hill are accepted by the owners.


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  1. Shantaram said:

    “People often seeks peace from outside, but peace is within.” Shantaram.

    Many takes for granted, for things to happen,
    Some choose to to be blind,
    But yet, some looks inquisitive on the the other side,
    Some prefer to keep at bay;
    Shantaram says, take off your masks, be yourself, stand up to the truth…

    The following may be fictitious by names, but the contents are a reality, just take some time out to find out; Enjoy and read on…

    The Saga of African Hill – Year 2011
    Author: Shantaram Manofpeace.
    (Peace is possible, peace is within.)
    The author has been living in Venice hills for the last 12 years now, and has been a frequent traveller but prefers to come and adopt Venice hill, a place he call home. The contents are solely expressed by the author only and facts presented are collected from various resources. The author is not responsible for any inaccuracies and errors as printed.

    (You cannot miss it; it is located just at the foothills of the famous “African hill Golf and Condo Resort.)

    Ah Chong Teh tarik, jangan manis ah, gula sikit ok. (Tea concoctions done in a traditional Malaysian style and comes with a little broth on top)

    Kumar Morning Chong, what’s new today? Heard there is a big EGM thing coming at African hills!

    Ah Chong What EGM? Aiya .. the same old story lah .. more and more Africans moving into my neighbourhoods, even my old female dog is afraid of taking the lift now!

    Madam Tan Oh yes, u know ah..the other day, i have received circulars saying that the next time my relatives comes to visit me have to park their car outside the gate and walk in? What happens when it rains ah? And how about old people? Aiyo.. why like that one?

    Ah Chong What to do, those in power can do what they like ma..just like our gomen.. this time must exercise our right and vote them out lo!

    Kumar Betul, betul .. My aunty came the other night and was asked more than 10 times.. hello .. may i know your name? Where do u stay.. can i have your telephone number? She just told them in Tamil “go suck your mother’s milk and kiss your own ass” and chased them out with her umbrella at the next stop!

    Madam Tan Who?

    Ah Chong Who else, I have been hearing lots of complaints from owners about Africans creating nuisance at African hills lately.. especially when they are drunk!

    Kumar Ai yo yo .. better be more careful, i was told they even like men too.. the other day a Malay pregnant lady was harassed too..mana bolih, apa sudah jadi?

    Ah Chong I think we should organise a “kotor” rally to tell the people of African hills that we no longer can tolerate such nonsense.

    Madam Tan Ah.. I have a bright idea.. why don”t we complaint to the management office about these? There is a big “Complaint” sign at the front office!

    Kumar Good idea! But I was told to call the Nigerian embassy to help. So they gave me two telephone numbers to call .. but I cannot speak African.. so they just say.. go get a voodoo expert..better still try to avoid coming out at night and stay at home.. it is safer!!

    Ah Chong Kumar.. u know ah .. there are more stories u have not heard.. some Africans have turned our place into a race track! U know the other night, a car flipped and turned turtle..luckily hor.. no one was hurt.. I mean our locals are not hurt..

    Madam Tan My son told me the driver, an African ran away but the poor lady was stuck inside the car with a broken leg!

    Kumar Did they hurt our trees? U know.. more and more lamp posts are being knocked down and very soon we have to install our own lights!

    Ah Chong And also when they are drunk..they like to talk aloud and enjoy peeing openly!

    Kumar Yesterday morning at Tower 3, an African man offered Rm 50 to a cleaner lady but she refused but the man insisted and thought it was not enough, then offered another Rm50 in exchange for sex! Kali wali .. if I catch this man, I will chop him into thousand pieces!

    Ah Chong Ai yo .. how to catch them lah.. they all look alike and in the dark, they are like orang minyak.. banyak susah ma..

    Madam Tan Better move out and find another safer place to stay!

    Ah Chong Only the kaya ones can afford to move out, orang miskin like me have
    stay on lo!

    Kumar And also, the Africans likes to wear under wears instead of proper swim attire at the pool.. these people have no respect for our ladies and children!

    Madam Tan They like to show off ma.. why is that our local men don’t show off like them?

    Ah Chong It’s the size factor!

    Madam Tan Cheh..cheh..2

    Kumar Sudah lah.. have to go back to protect my house and dogs! Jumpa lagi esok..
    [to be continued]

  2. Shantaram said:

    The Saga of African Hill – Year 2011

    Author: Shantaram Manofpeace.
    (Peace is possible, peace is within.)
    The author has been living in Venice hills for the last 12 years now, and has been a frequent traveller but prefers to come and adopt Venice hill, a place he call home. The contents are solely expressed by the author only and facts presented are collected from various resources. The author is not responsible for any inaccuracies and errors as printed.

    ONE DAY AT A MAMAK STALL…. continue..

    Kumar [Reading the local daily, incensed over the “Kotor” rally, then interrupted by someone tapping on his back..] Aiyo Chong, mari duduk, ada cerita baru from African hill..!!

    Ah Chong Did you received the special circular saying that the coming EGM has been “outlawed” by the African hill authorities ah?

    Kumar Ha..ada..ada.. and they also asked me to sign a “blank cheque” for them.. Can sign or not?

    Ah Chong Sssshh… better not talk so loud ma.. u know.. the African hill agents are everywhere, have to be careful.. U know, they will not hesitate to sue anyone crossing their path!

    Madam Tan Halow .. Ni men hau? [How r u guys?] .. What’s new today?

    Ah Chong The African hill JMC is asking us to protest the “kotor” rally [EGM] and also to sign a “blank” cheque to them, so they can manage for us better. What do u think?

    Madam Tan I think hor.. something is not right here..the last time I signed a blank cheque.. it bounced! Then hor.. anyone entering the clubhouse attending the EGM are considered illegal trespassers?

    Kumar Trespassers? The clubhouse???

    Ah Chong Mana lagi..

    Madam Tan Why ar? They allow any Tom Dick and Harry to trespass the main gate and the back gate, so I think to trespass the clubhouse should be ok ma?

    Kumar Betul, betul..

    Madam Tan Wah..This is getting more and more exciting..Should we call in the FRU for crowd control.. and also to map out the route, so it is safer for everyone?

    [To be continued]

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