EGM on 10/7/2011 Time : 9am

Dear Owners,

Please be informed of the following:-

1. An EGM was successfully held on 10.7.2011 sanctioned by the COB to elect a new JMC.

2. The following owners were elected to the positions indicated respectively:-

i. Chairman 主席 : V.K. Raj
ii. Deputy Chairman 副主席 : R. Ragunanthanan
iii. Treasurer 财政 : Soo Lai Mooi
iv. Secretary 秘书 : Mike Gopalan

AJK members: 委员会成员
a. Low Kok Chin
b. Siva Raman
c. Lee Lim Tack
d. Chong Chong Bing
e. Loh Chun Seong
f. Chen Lek Kia
g. Chan Fook Ming
h. Wee Lin Ying

3. The new JMC has according to statutory requirements submitted the minutes of the EGM and details of the JMC members to the COB. 新的管理委员会将遵守建筑管理员的规定,呈上会议及新委员们的资料及新委员们

4. All owners will be informed of further updates as and when they occur.

5. Meanwhile please go to for online updates. You may also call the following person for any queries:-
业主将收到通知,或到venicehill.wordpress.com查更新, 或可以联系

i. Low Kok Chin – 0193366788

j. R. Ragu – 0163392845

k. V.K. Raj – 0122983906

Congratulations to all concerned owners for electing the new JMC as mandated by the COB. We have been assured by the former JMC that there will be a peaceful handover. Thank you for exercising your voting rights !


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