EGM on 10/7/2011 Time : 9am


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  1. Shantaram said:

    The Saga of African Hill – Year 2011

    Author: Shantaram Manofpeace.
    (Peace is possible, peace is within.)
    The author has been living in Venice hills for the last 12 years now, and has been a frequent traveller but prefers to come and adopt Venice hill, a place he call home. The contents are solely expressed by the author only and facts presented are collected from various resources. The author is not responsible for any inaccuracies and errors as printed.

    ONE DAY AT A MAMAK STALL…. continue..

    Kumar [Reading the local daily, incensed over the “Kotor” rally, then interrupted by someone tapping on his back..] Aiyo Chong, mari duduk, ada cerita baru from African hill..!!

    Ah Chong Did you received the special circular saying that the coming EGM has been “outlawed” by the African hill authorities ah?

    Kumar Ha..ada..ada.. and they also asked me to sign a “blank cheque” for them.. Can sign or not?

    Ah Chong Sssshh… better not talk so loud ma.. u know.. the African hill agents are everywhere, have to be careful.. U know, they will not hesitate to sue anyone crossing their path!

    Madam Tan Halow .. Ni men hau? [How r u guys?] .. What’s new today?

    Ah Chong The African hill JMC is asking us to protest the “kotor” rally [EGM] and also to sign a “blank” cheque to them, so they can manage for us better. What do u think?

    Madam Tan I think hor.. something is not right here..the last time I signed a blank cheque.. it bounced! Then hor.. anyone entering the clubhouse attending the EGM are considered illegal trespassers?

    Kumar Trespassers? The clubhouse???

    Ah Chong Mana lagi..

    Madam Tan Why ar? They allow any Tom Dick and Harry to trespass the main gate and the back gate, so I think to trespass the clubhouse should be ok ma?

    Kumar Betul, betul..

    Madam Tan Wah..This is getting more and more exciting..Should we call in the FRU for crowd control.. and also to map out the route, so it is safer for everyone?

    [To be continued]

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